Performances by:
Carmina Escobar* with Ron Athey*
Dorian Wood* & Isaura String Quartet
Asher Hartman feat. the Boss Witches
Jeronimo Naranjo with Jose Pablo Jimenez and Milo Tamez*
Oguri & Roxanne Steinberg with Isaura String Quartet
Laura Steenberge
* artist featured in our 2021 program

Plus special guest auctioneer Elliot Reed


Donate $250+ for VIP Ticket

VIP Tickets include: special printed auction paddle and Boss Witch Launch Booklet designed by Mark Allen. VIP ticket holders will also receive an honorable mention on the Boss Witch website as founding donors. VIP Tickets are tax deductible and are obtained by making a minimum donation of $250 to our Launch Fundraiser on Fractured Atlas.

Disclaimer: Boss Witch Productions is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions for the charitable purposes of Boss Witch Productions must be made payable to “Fractured Atlas” only and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.
Join us (Carmina, Madeline, and Madison) as we embark on our ambitious new project — launching Boss Witch Productions. With Boss Witch we’ve set out to establish a sustainable, artist-driven infrastructure for the creation of experimental, site-specific work. We seek to reimagine our relationship to the world around us while leaving a minimal human footprint.

Boss Witch launches with three projects in 2021, all related to ritual, the natural world, and a subversion of social constructs: Under the Sun's Shadow (Bajo la Sombra Del Sol) by Carmina Escobar, Vox Clamantis by Carmina Escobar and Ron Athey, and our first commision for a new work by Ma’ayan Tsadka and Dani Williamson. The 2021 program supports a creative and production team of 22 artists. This team includes 60% artists of color, and 50% artists of underrepresented genders.
By attending our June 10 Fundraiser or donating, you are supporting the creation of polished, ground-breaking work; paying our diverse creative and production team a living wage; and the establishment of Boss Witch Productions as a stable organization.